Mt Michael Lodge L.P.
5a Lowburn Valley Road, Lowburn
Cromwell 9384, New Zealand

Behind the lodge

Alistair and Fiona have travelled extensively. Returning to New Zealand and establishing Mt Michael Lodge in 2016.

Both Alistair and Fiona are passionate about ensuring their guests have the ultimate Central Otago experience. Unique and personal.

Alistair is in charge of the garden while Fiona creates seasonal dishes fresh from the garden.


We grow, harvest,
prepare and share great food

Located in the heart of Central Otago, the climate facilitates the growing of a wide range of vegetables and culinary delights. Spring asparagus, berry fruits throughout the summer, new potatoes fresh from the garden, sun ripened tomatoes, eggplants and plenty more. Our food philosophy of garden to table revolves around the seasons. We operate a small olive grove of thirty trees, producing our own olive oil for the year. Breakfast represents the best of Central Otago fruits whether preserved or freshly picked.

Going Green

Mt Michael lodge has taken up the challenge of being more environmentally sustainable.

We have invested in 45 PV cells generating up to 150kWh per day. The use of diesel has been eliminated and transitioned to a Stebel Eltron hot water heating and cooling . Further the Lodge operates a Tesla Y EV which it also uses for its wine tours.

The lodge has an in house 11kVA charging station, available for appropriately configured vehicles.


Designed by renowned architect John Blair the Lodge features Central Otago schist, vaulted ceilings encompassing outstanding mountain vistas. Large rooms including occasional sitting areas, coffee making facilities and private courtyards, make this property a truly relaxing stay.